Health + Safety

Leadership at every level of the organization is critical to the health, safety and wellness of our people. From senior leadership to individual craft and crew, the ASRC Construction team is committed to  supporting occupational health and safety programs established to maintain the welfare and safe work environment of all employees and contractors.

Our culture is firmly rooted in personal responsibility: each of us has a personal obligation to ensure work is conducted in a manner that allows us to work injury-free each day. While we must always care for those around us, our first priority is to care for ourselves.

The promotion of health and safety programs is a constantly-evolving business. ASRC Construction has a team of dedicated professionals in our home office and in the field who are consistently working to support the needs of our construction personnel. We are proud of our safety culture and the incredible results it has produced – but mindful that in order to preserve the health and wellness of our people, we must remain vigilant and never let our guard down. To that end, we ask all employees to embrace a “Zero Incident” culture.

Zero Incident Culture

ASRC Construction promotes a “Zero Incident” culture that encourages safe behavior and creates safe work environments. We also comply with government legislation and actively strive to minimize the impact of our company operations on the environment.

Our “Zero Incident” Culture consists of the following cornerstones:

  • Leadership – leaders at all levels lead by example and monitor current effectiveness of safety, environmental and loss management safety systems
  • Employee Engagement – employees are actively engaged in our processes in order to foster
    a sense of ownership and accountability for achieving a “Zero Incident” culture
  • Stewardship – employees and contractors are responsible for performing their daily tasks
    with due regard for their own health and safety as well as the environment
  • Training – training and instruction is provided to enable all employees to fulfill their program