We offer significant advantages in operational efficiency and control through the centralization of management, administrative and accounting functions

A Team of Companies

ASRC Construction Holding Company (ACHC) was created in 2006 as a strategic initiative to consolidate the construction assets of multiple construction companies, in order to take advantage of centralized shared resources. ACHC oversees and supports three complementary construction subsidiaries that provide construction services to commercial and government clients in Alaska, the Gulf of Mexico, other U.S. regions, and overseas. Our companies have completed in excess of $1.4 billion in projects over the past ten years.

Financial Power

As a subsidiary of Arctic Slope Regional Corporation (ASRC), ACHC has tremendous financial resources and bonding capabilities, as evidenced by our $300M+ bonding capacity. Careful management, controlled growth and wise investments over the long term have contributed to our stability and substantial equipment holdings. Today, ACHC grosses over $140M annually and employs approximately 500 people.


We will commit all resources necessary to help ensure you get a top-notch product, meet your schedule and be within your funding constraints.