Culture & Values 

“Manage our lands, resources, diversified operating subsidiaries, and investments to enhance Iñupiat cultural and economic freedoms.”

Founded on Iñupiat values such as respect, cooperation, and fairness, our corporate culture has developed through decades of experience demonstrating integrity, safety, and teamwork.

We are driven to provide the highest quality service to our customers for the benefit of our stakeholders. Our goal is to create and maintain strong relationships with our customers in pursuit of opportunities to enhance our Iñupiat cultural and economic freedoms.

The following Iñupiat values shape the way ASRC Construction Holding Company and its subsidiaries conduct business:

  • Respect – for Elders, one another, and nature
  • Compassion – warmth, kindness, and caring
  • Humility – acting out of goodness, not to expect nor demand a reward in return
  • Humor – laughter is the best medicine
  • Hunting Traditions – reverence for the land, sea, and animals
  • Cooperation – together we can accomplish anything
  • Sharing – sharing is central to the Iñupiat
  • Family & Kinship – our families bind us together
  • Knowledge of Language – our language helps us know our minds and hearts
  • Spirituality – Iñupiat have always been a spiritual people
  • Avoidance of Conflict – the Iñupiat way is to think, act, speak, and live positive
  • Communal Society – close-knit extended family and small community based
  • Survival Driven – many values and traditions evolved from surviving in a demanding environment
  • Whaling Traditions – enduring cultural traits and values centered around teamwork, cooperation, and sharing