Utilities Construction 

ASRC Construction Holding Company (ACHC) is actively involved in the utility construction arena, with successful projects completed in remote locations/harsh environments for:

  • Power Plants
  • Water & Sewer Infrastructure

LEED and Energy-Efficient Design

Additionally, ACHC is expanding into the renewable/energy-efficient design and retrofitting area of construction with the completion of several projects that achieved LEED Silver Certification. ACHC continues to pursue teaming opportunities with green engineering firms to contribute to the government’s Energy Conservation Improvement Program (ECIP).

An example of ACHC’s work in implementing energy conservation measures is the Ground–Based Midcourse Defense Program – Interim Power Solutions (IPS) & Capabilities Enhancement/Initial Defense Operations (CE/IDO) Upgrade to Fort Greely Facilities (ASRC Construction Technologies), which involved:

  • Two 30,000-gallon fuel storage tanks were provided to supply the day tanks associated with each generator
  • Extensive retrofitting of electrical components in the site Substation, Utilities building (UTB) and the IDT building (IDT) were made in order to meet the project’s design intent
  • Civil construction consisting of a new gravel access road into the site, aggregate surfacing of existing gravel roads, paving two approaches to the base, and associated site drainage work, including culverts and ground swales
  • 2,700 LF extension to the utilidor heating system containing potable water, hot water supply and return lines, and a glycol radiator heating system

Notable Utilities Construction Projects