Vertical Construction 

Our teams specialize in cost-effective, one-time, and within-budget construction in the extreme weather and challenging environmental conditions across Alaska

Two of our recent school projects received the American Institute of Architects Honor Award.
In addition to broad based-construction experience, ASRC Construction Holding Company (ACHC) offers proven experience in:

  • Materials purchasing, handling, and expediting
  • Gravel pit development
  • Mining, hauling, and placement of material
  • Gravel and ice roads construction
  • Landing strip construction
  • Modular building design and installation
  • Village-wide water/sewer and fuel systems infrastructure
  • Power plants
  • Camp operations
  • Metal buildings
  • Schools
  • Health clinics
  • Housing
  • Commercial buildings
  • Public safety facilities
  • Temporary camps
  • Operations facilities

Our personnel have broad exposure in supporting and managing various elements of major government, industrial, and commercial projects. We have consistently delivered the best value to our clients through the knowledge and experience gained over the past 30 years operating at industrialized and remote site locations throughout Alaska.

ACHC vertical construction teams are:

  • Safety conscious
  • Successful in 32 years of local hire programs
  • Experienced contractors
  • Experienced in remote/arctic construction
  • Team Oriented
  • Up to date in industry technology

Notable Vertical Construction Projects

  • Iñupiat Heritage Center, Barrow AK
  • Barrow Airport Improvements, Barrow AK (ASRC SKW Eskimos)
  • St. Paul Health Clinic, St. Paul AK
  • King Cove Health Clinic, King Cove AK
  • Ambler K-12 School, Ambler AK
  • Teller K-12 School, Teller AK
  • Kaktovik Power Plant, Kaktovik AK
  • Barrow Thermal Oxidation System, Barrow AK