Culture + Values

ASRC’s mission is to actively manage our businesses, our lands and resources, our investments, and our relationships to enhance Iñupiaq cultural and economic freedom – with continuity, responsibility and integrity.

Founded on Iñupiat values, our corporate culture has developed through decades of experience demonstrating integrity, safety and teamwork. We are driven to provide the highest quality service to our customers for the benefit of our shareholders.

The following core Iñupiat values, along with many others, shape the way ASRC Construction conducts business:


Honesty is the backbone of ASRC’s Iñupiat value system – trusting each other, our project partners and our clients is a key element to our success.


Sometimes doing things the “right way” isn’t the easy solution – but we firmly believe that our unwillingness to compromise our integrity is what sets ASRC apart from the competition.


ASRC’s open and honest communication practices, including the willingness to address problems head on, fosters an environment based on trust and allows for a successful collaboration and mutual problem solving approach.


Owners and builders only succeed if we come away from a project with a mutual respect. We are grateful to our clients for their confidence in our team.